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2014-11-17 02:24:00

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Gordon Turner – Employment Lawyer

Gordon Turner – Employment Lawyer

Specialist employment law solicitor - providing advice to clients from all over England, with a focus on London, Manchester & Preston

I am a specialist employment law solicitor with over 20 years’ experience.

Throughout my career I have maintained a high success rate in Employment Tribunal and High Court litigation for both employers and employees and can help with any of the following:

Specialist Employment Law Solicitor

Most of my clients come from London, Manchester & Preston.

Expert Advice on TUPE, Service Provision Changes

The elections will inevitably lead to outsourcing of service provision in the public sector. I advise employees and employers who are mainly engaged in service provision: IT, cleaning and professional service changes.

It’s very important to get the procedure right, but equally important to make sure that employees are treated fairly and with respect during periods of change. Click here for more information.

Quick turnaround - high success rate

People at work need to sort out problems quickly; time spent in disputes is at the expense of careers and business opportunities. I pride myself most of all on the speed with which I help people bury their differences. However, I do have a very strong track record in High Court and Employment Tribunal litigation. You can read about my cases here.

Testimonials, Press & Major Cases

I feel I have enjoyed a colourful and exciting career.
Please visit my testimonials and press page to see some articles featuring my cases.


How I Work

“…I would never have thought of that in a million years!”- Mike Moradian, Creative Media Ltd.

In most cases there should be no need for a court or employment tribunal hearing. Court hearings are only a formal meeting at which people set out their positions by reference to available evidence and legal principles. I aim to bring the debate forward by early exchange of information, setting out a clear legal position and face-to-face meetings.

  • My clients share the preparation with me; there are checklists for each type of case
  • I will provide a clear indication of the strength or weaknesses of your case as soon as possible
  • If necessary, you should concede any weaker points to save costs and to give you credibility where you are stronger
  • I will promote your case in a forthright way but will try not to make the dispute worse

If we are faced with a difficult opponent, I am an experienced and tenacious litigator. I aim to find simple and creative solutions which cut through all the unnecessary allegations where possible.

You can read about my most Employment Tribunal case on the Testimonials and Press Pages under ‘Employers’. In the case of R Shah v Onyx, an employee was found to have engaged in a ‘crude attempt at blackmail’ and put in no less than 64 grievances. Click here for more details and examples.

My opponents can be quite surprised by the level of my commitment and instinct for discovering the truth.

For help and advice on employment law,
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020 7247 7190
0161 883 1255
01772 369 450
0121 633 1191

Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA)

Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers are authorised and regulated by the SRA (Registration Number: 563689).

You can contact the SRA direct at: www.sra.org.uk