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The World's Local Lawyer



2014-11-17 02:24:00

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Gordon Turner – Employment Lawyer

Gordon Turner – Employment Lawyer

I am a specialist employment law solicitor with over 20 years’ experience and offer a personalised and proactive service.

My main aim is to sort things out quickly and efficiently but if is necessary to lodge a claim at the tribunal or High Court I have a proven track record as a tenacious and creative litigator and an established reputation within the legal profession. I hope my record speaks for itself: in 2013 out of 250 cases, only 5 went to court or the employment tribunal; all cases which went to court or tribunal were successful or settled on appeal.In 2014, 10 cases went to court or tribunal; all of which reached successful outcomes except 1.

I believe that the Law should be accessible and functional. My next briefing, together with last year’s “Employment Lawyer of the Year”, is ‘Debunking Banking’ (London - afternoon of 19th March) based on our experiences of assisting a senior executive temporarily caught up in the infamous ‘Libor’ scandal. We will be joined by two senior characters from the banks and aim to demystify the jargon.

You might wish to sign up to my blog:  https://gordonturnerblog.wordpress.com. Each week, I report on one issue where things could have been done better.

My clients are employers and employees mainly from London, Manchester and Preston. I call myself ‘The World’s Local Lawyer’ because I do get around a lot and sort out problems by speaking to people face-to-face. Employment disputes can be very troubling and distracting but, used correctly, the Law can be a very positive force for change, giving a structure to disputes and the security which binding agreements create. Most people are a lot more reasonable than they can appear.

Anyone who instructs me should remember that legal disputes are often at the expense of more rewarding opportunities. My main aim is to help get people back on track rather than to dwell on historic grudges.

To make things easier for you, I have created a checklist page. The legal process tends to slow down understanding; I hope to speed it up. If you complete the checklist and supply the information requested, your legal costs will be lower and it will help us agree a plan at our first meeting, if not before.

I don’t provide free interviews but the first call is free so if there is anything you would like to discuss such as legal training, settlement agreements, drafting documents or representation in any employment law related dispute, give me a quick call. I am here to help.

Testimonials, Press & Major Cases

I feel I have enjoyed a colourful and exciting career.
Please visit my testimonials and press page to see some articles featuring my cases.


How I Work

“…I would never have thought of that in a million years!”- Mike Moradian, Creative Media Ltd.

In most cases there should be no need for a court or employment tribunal hearing. Court hearings are only a formal meeting at which people set out their positions by reference to available evidence and legal principles. I aim to bring the debate forward by early exchange of information, setting out a clear legal position and face-to-face meetings.

  • My clients share the preparation with me; there are checklists for each type of case
  • I will provide a clear indication of the strength or weaknesses of your case as soon as possible
  • If necessary, you should concede any weaker points to save costs and to give you credibility where you are stronger
  • I will promote your case in a forthright way but will try not to make the dispute worse

If we are faced with a difficult opponent, I am an experienced and tenacious litigator. I aim to find simple and creative solutions which cut through all the unnecessary allegations where possible.

Here is an example of one of my favourite cases which shows how I dealt with a particularly problematic claimant. This person brought 64 grievances and instead of getting lost in that detail I investigated his background and found that he had lied on his CV so his entire contract was rescinded due to his fraudulent misrepresentation. As a result we were able to side-step the obvious ‘trap’ he had set. Click here for more examples and testimonials.

My opponents can be quite surprised by the level of my commitment and instinct for discovering the truth.

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Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA)

Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers are authorised and regulated by the SRA (Registration Number: 563689).

You can contact the SRA direct at: www.sra.org.uk